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About Us

As a Referral-Only Agency, Kingdom Parent Education & Family Services is designed with the needs of today's families in mind.  Classes are small enough for adequate parent/educator dialogue, but at the same time, large enough for parent-to-parent support and interaction.

At Kingdom Parent Education & Family Services, our mission is:  "Providing parents and children with the information, education and resources needed to be successful in today's society."

Whether that success is defined by attending a class, workshop, or seminar in order to regain custody of a displaced child, or taking a class to become better informed about the latest parenting education literature or techniques, Kingdom Parenting's top priority is customizing our services to meet the needs of the families we serve.  We are a Referral-Only Agency and if our services do not meet your particular needs, we reserve the right and make it our business to put you in contact with someone who can!



My case was very scary and I didn't know what to expect.  Mrs. Brown took the time to explain the process to me, teach me new parenting ideas in a way that I could understand and that has made me a more confident parent as a result.  I am so grateful for her services, I will continue to meet with her long after my case is closed.  She is a Great Parent Educator!

Whitney M ~Charleston, SC

My time in services with Mrs. Brown in Kingdom Parenting is something I will never forget.  She encouraged me and helped me to see past my situation and recognize the wise mother that I am.  I will continue to recommend these services to anyone that I come into contact that needs Parenting Classes.  Kingdom Parenting is the BEST!

K. Jones ~Charleston, SC

Kingdom Parenting is the first place that comes to mind when I have to refer a parent for services in South Carolina.  I know that the family will receive the services that they need and that the staff will always go above and beyond the obvious need to provide the best service for my families.  Kingdom Parenting, led by Mrs. Brown is truly the Low Country's PremierParent Education Resource!

S. Smith - Charlotte, NC

My family needed services in Spanish.  We searched and searched and could not find a Court Approved provider who could meet our needs.  I was so happy when I found Kingdom Parenting that I literally cried!  Once we met the staff, they were so professional and caring that we were excited to learn despite not having our children in our care.  Once we got our children back, we were able to apply everything we learned because Leticia & Mrs. Brown prepared us for exactly what to look for.  Although the circumstances that led us to Kingdom Parenting weren't the best, we are so glad that we had the chance to learn and grow with sucn a lovely pair of people!

A. Hernandez - St. George, SC

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